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Palm Beach Gardens Acupuncture
3365 Burns Road
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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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Palm Beach Gardens Acupuncture
Acupuncture - Herbs - Shiatsu - Nutrition

You can be incredibly healthy and have a happy, fulfilling life!

Are you interested in maintaining or improving your health?
If you are suffering from any condition that involves pain, discomfort or being unable to live life to the fullest...

Are you stressed out?
If you feel pressure, constriction, frustration, fear, overwhelm, sadness, unfulfilled, isolation or depression in any aspect of your life...

You can change old patterns, heal your body and live more fully from your heart without taking a lot of pharmaceuticals!aupuncture palm beach gardens
Unfortunately, when working with the western health system, we can end up agreeing to procedures we never thought we'd need, take pharmaceuticals that cause uncomfortable side-effects, and still not get our health needs met. It's no surprise we can end up dispirited and burnt-out, losing hope, passion, and direction. acupunct

It doesn't have to be this way.

Five element acupuncture works in harmony with nature to promote your health and longevity. It is the classical method of acupuncture handed down orally from master to student, from antiquity. Its goal is to promote your body's own ability to heal itself, and in doing so, empowering you to influence and effectively care for your health. I have been practicing acupuncture for over 10 years, and chances are, I can help your body, mind and spirit return to its innate state of balance.

A great place to start is to make an appointment online. Or, you can call (404) 863-9900 and speak to me personally.

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palm beach gardens acupuncture
palm beach gardens acupunctureacupuncture palm beach gardens

"I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and had just about given up hope. I wanted to get pregnant naturally, and avoid an IUI (insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization) if possible."

"I requested an acupuncture treatment from Shams with the intention of getting relief from my shoulder pain.

I not only received what I hoped for (a decrease in pain and a significant increase in range of motion), but I also received a healing for all of the other parts of my being that are so closely connected to the physical.
—Linda Resca, teacher and consultant

"I experienced Shams as a very strong healer who has a deep understanding of and sensitivity to my emotional needs. Her ability to care for this part of me supported my ability to relax and open to the full benefit of the treatment."

"I highly recommend receiving regular treatments with Shams."

Hi, I'm Shams Wesley. I've helped hundreds of people heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. With acupuncture and Chinese herbs I've helped people recover from a wide range of illnesses, including: stress and all of its accompanying symptoms, infertility, menstrual conditions, depression, fatigue, chronic illness and digestive disorders. If you want your health needs to be met while experiencing divine love, compassion and healing, you are in the right place. acupuncturist palm beach gardens

Can I really help your particular condition? acupuncturist palm beach gardens
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